Have you ever looked at a word that is spelled correctly and then the longer you look at it the more you think it is spelled wrong. That’s how I felt with the word squirrel. It just doesn’t look right.  Anyway, this little squirrel was chomping away on some bird seed at my office. It was pretty cute.




Enchanted Forest

While I was visiting in Minnesota last month, my sisters and I took a hike up Eagle Mountain. I hadn’t hiked that mountain since I was in high school and it was much more difficult at my age now than it was so many years ago. There is one section I labeled the enchanted forest. There was a thick canopy of trees and the floor of the forest was covered with tree roots. It was so pretty walking through it – the photos don’t do it justice.

MaraleeMinnesota2015-5204August 20, 2015

Minnesota2015-5225August 20, 2015 Minnesota2015-5234August 20, 2015