The swans have been out on the river recently. I don't usually see both of them together but on this day they stayed pretty close to each other. Maralee


The Heron . . . Again

Great Blue Heron

I went down to the river hoping to catch a glimpse of my elusive heron. I didn't have to wait long. I only had to walk about 100 feet along the river before I spotted it standing on a rock in the middle of the river. I found a somewhat comfortable spot to sit and …


The river is full of ducks these days and the air is filled with the cacophony of quacking. Maralee  



The killdeer is a common bird throughout most of the United States. You will often see them at water's edge running and pecking at the grounds searching for food. I came across these killdeer on the mudflats by the river. The are a part of the plover family and can also be found in pastures …