Sunrise at the Old Mill

On my way to work yesterday I stopped near the Old Mill hoping get some nice sunrise photos. It's been hit or miss lately. When I arrived, it was just starting to get light and there was a little pink in the sky. The river was calm and the reflections were beautiful. Over a period … Continue reading Sunrise at the Old Mill



The killdeer is a common bird throughout most of the United States. You will often see them at water's edge running and pecking at the grounds searching for food. I came across these killdeer on the mudflats by the river. The are a part of the plover family and can also be found in pastures … Continue reading Killdeer

Solar Eclipse

This morning we watched the solar eclipse at a friend's house. We were at 99.8% totality, so it did not get completely dark, but it was amazing how dark it got and how cool it got. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees during the darkest part of the eclipse. I didn't have a solar filter … Continue reading Solar Eclipse