Photographing with a Long Lens

Some of my favorite things to photograph are birds and animals, but in order to get close up shots of these animals it is sometimes necessary to use a longer lens. I recently acquired a Sigma 150-500 lens through Amazon and have been extremely happy with the results.

Taken with Sigma 150-500mm lens using a tripod.
Taken with Sigma 150-500mm lens using a tripod.

Often a good, high quality lens will cost several thousand dollars. I don’t have that kind of money to spend so I will research lenses from other companies such as Sigma or Tamron. I shoot with a Nikon camera, but these companies make lens mounts for most DSLR cameras.

Grizzly, Sigman 150-500mm lens, hand held
Grizzly Bear taken with Sigma 150-500mm lens hand held.

My Sigma 150-500 can be hand-held but I find it works best with a tripod. But for those times when a tripod isn’t practical (like trying to photograph a bird in flight or a moving animal), I’ve been very happy with the hand-held results. I continuously practice taking hand-held photos to improve my results.

Below is the lens which will link you to Amazon. Since I purchased my lens, they have come out with a 150-600mm lens at comparable prices, but I will have to wait a bit before I purchase another lens.

Sigma 150-500mm lens

Happy photographing!!