Shevlin Park

It has been very hot here recently (it hit 99 degrees yesterday) which make it impossible for me to go for my lunch hour walks. So last evening I went to Shevlin Park knowing that it would be cooler in the shade of the trees. It was still quite warm but much more comfortable. I …


Cascading Water


I love the sound of water rushing in a stream or lapping along the shore of a lake or ocean. This is a small man-made waterfall in the subdivision where I live. Maralee


Sun Rays

The evening of the Fourth of July clouded up and I didn't think there would be much of a sunset. But the clouds broke briefly and we had some beautiful sun rays. Maralee

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Jasper is a small alpine town of about 4,600 people in the middle of Jasper National Park. It is the perfect place to stay for all of the activities available in the park. The town has everything you will need for your stay - grocery stores, restaurants, breweries, and of course, gift shops. On this …