National Bird Day

Just found out it is National Bird Day so I went through some of my previous posted photos for some of my favorite birds.

MaraleeMaralee_Park_130527_48232-Edit Maralee_Park_130209_42882-Edit-Edit

Birds-9174February 16, 2016 Eagle-3896June 24, 2015 Owlet-2166May 12, 2015 Owlet-2072May 10, 2015 Nature-1416May 03, 2015 Birds-0277April 03, 2015 Charlie_Colleen-9757March 13, 2015 Maralee_Park_130209_42899-Edit-Edit Fall Festival-3728October 04, 2014 Maralee_Park_130920_54127-Edit


9 thoughts on “National Bird Day

  1. Wish I’d known. I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken of birds. Yours are wonderful.

  2. Oh, I read that wrong . . . I’ve been flipping people off all day long.

  3. Beautiful work, Maralee!

  4. Wonderful to celebrate birds this way, Maralee!

  5. Celebrated with one of my eagle friends.Great shots!

  6. Stunning one of the Sparrowhawk…

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