Ruby Crowned Kinglet II

More photos of the ruby crowned kinglet at my feeder. In these photos you can see a little of the red feathers on its head.




9 thoughts on “Ruby Crowned Kinglet II

  1. Striking bird; nice shot.

    1. Thanks. They’re pretty cute little things.

    1. Sometimes the crown is covered and you can’t see it. I was glad it showed its crown this time.

  2. Seattle Park Lover December 18, 2016 — 9:50 pm

    I’m impressed. These little guys are so FAST.

    1. Thanks. They are very fast. I took a bunch of photos and most of them were just a blur. These were the clearest I could get.

  3. Love the shots. We have two birds very similar, our smallest birds. One is the Gold Crest the other is the Fire Crest…it is just the colour flash on the top of their heads that differentiate them (one gold /yellow the other red/orange)

    1. Thank you. They are such cute little birds. And you’re right . . . they’re very small and very quick.

  4. Great shots, fantastic at getting his ‘crown’!

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