A Wintery Day

We had snow today. Lots and lots of snow. If I didn’t have to drive in it, I’d love it. But I do, so I tolerate it. The birds were busy at my feeder at the office today. And the little hummingbird is still there. 🙂




5 thoughts on “A Wintery Day

  1. What kind of bird is the spotted one? It is beautiful and so unique.

    1. It’s a northern flicker. It’s a member of the woodpecker family.

  2. If it wasn’t an insult to the many beautiful pictures that you take, I would say that you have surpassed yourself with the flicker picture. What a treat.

  3. WOW.. That first image is an amazing capture! Was this hummingbird relatively close to where you were standing and did you shoot it with a 70-300mm?

    1. The first photo is actually a norther flicker. I did use my 70-300 lens but it wasn’t that far away. It’s through a window in my office.I have a bunch of bird feeders in the tree outside my window so I can watch the birds all day. :-). I do have a hummingbird feeder attached to my window and had a regular visitor to that until last week when I think it finally flew to warmer weather.

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