Good Morning Sunshine

With the days getting shorter and the sunrise being later in the morning, most of my morning walks start before the sun comes up. As hard as it is to get up in the dark to get out and go for my walk, I do get to see some beautiful sunrises.


Nature4700August 28, 2016 Nature4703August 28, 2016


10 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine

  1. Yes you do indeed. These are beautiful. My favorite time of day! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    1. Thank you, MichelleMarie. I do love the early mornings. . . unless I’m up late the night before.

  2. Seattle Park Lover September 5, 2016 — 8:01 am

    Gorgeous shot of the pond!

  3. Worth the early rising, Maralee. I love the delicate branches in your silhouette in the first and the reflections and color in your second. 😍

    1. Thank you, Jane. It won’t be long before the sun won’t rise until after I get to work so I have to enjoy these sunrises while I can.

  4. I don’t get a lot of sunrises so I especially appreciate those of you are up early enough to catch them.

  5. Stunning, you’re so lucky to see these each morning! πŸ™‚

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