Smoky Sunset

This is another photo taken Wednesday evening when I was out taking photos of the moonrise and the hawk. The “clouds” in the photo are coming from the wildfire that started that afternoon. Since then, a couple of other fires have started in the area but have been quickly contained. Unfortunately, they believe the several of the fires were started by arsonists.


Nature04749August 17, 2016And2more


12 thoughts on “Smoky Sunset

  1. Great shot, great atmosphere ….but the backstory is worrying as it sounds as if you have too many wildfires (and others) Stay safe

    1. We’ve been lucky this year that the fire spotters have caught the wildfires early enough to get them contained quickly.

  2. Beautiful – the lighting is sumptuous. Hope you are OK over there with the fires…stay safe 🙂

    1. Thanks. We’re all okay here. They’ve attributed most of the fires to arsonists so we’re hoping they are caught quickly.

      1. You cant believe some idiots, can you?We get them here unfortunately – setting fires to the moors.

  3. awesome shot the clouds to me tell it all…you look like you had quite a Wednesday in the backwoods take care of yourself and be careful too. Kat

    1. Thanks. As horrible as wildfires are, they do create beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

      1. yes they do one year when I was young and unattached at the time and in the military there was fires all over the place so I took my vacation time and went and work a few weeks of fires and let me tell you it was the hardest work I have ever done but I loved every minute of it…the work, learning all about myself and I will always be glad that I took the time off and did it because it was very worth the experience that I had. But All of the damage the fires caused was terrible and so very was set with a person throwing a cig out of the window of the car..while it was still hot.

    2. I have the utmost respect for anyone who will run into a fire to put it out. It sounds like quite the adventure although I don’t think I could do it.

      1. I wasn’t sure I could do the wildfire thing either but IT was a great experience I can flash back on and know it was something I did that was worth it and My grandpa who was a Vet from World War I was impressed since we wanted my cousin to give up his summer to do it with me and he would rather have fast cars, women and boats at that time…LOL

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