Fire Danger

Summer in central Oregon is generally very warm and very dry. We haven’t had any precipitation in several weeks, and as you can see, we don’t anticipate any precipitation for the next two weeks. This makes the fire danger very high.

We’ve been very fortunate so far this summer and haven’t had very much fire activity in our area. I believe that’s partly because we haven’t had any big thunderstorms come through in quite a while. The fires we do get are generally human caused due to sparks from a vehicle, a campfire that is not put out properly, a discarded cigarette, or arson.

A wildfire did break out on Wednesday afternoon about 16 miles south of us. Fortunately they were able to contain it fairly quickly and it hasn’t grown very much. The cause of this fire hasn’t been determined yet. You can see the smoke from the fire in the bottom photo.

So while we are enjoying lots of sunshine, we are always aware of the wildfire threat.


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 6.15.13 PMNature4067August 17, 2016And2more


11 thoughts on “Fire Danger

    1. Thanks, Teri. So far we haven’t had anything too close to home.

  1. be careful and I will pray for all of you.

  2. That certainly is very dry. I hope that you avoid the worst.

    1. It would help if you could send some of your rain our way.

      1. If you pay the transport costs, I’ll send it straight away. 🙂

  3. Stay safe dear Maralee, and be careful. I hope and wish not again. Love, nia

  4. We have seen the wildfires on the west coast and it is frightening to watch and hard to conceive how folk cope with the life threatening and life changing consequences it brings. Stay safe and watchful .

    1. We’ve been fortunate that the fire spotters have caught the fires here early. But the forest is so dry that even that sometimes isn’t enough.

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