Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

Our second visit to Maligne Lake was to go on the lake boat tour. They had just started the cruise for the season that week and even though it was cold, wet (both rain and snow), and windy, we had a great time.

Maligne Lake is the largest natural lake in the Canadian Rockies. It is also “home” to Spirit Island, one of the most photographed places in Alberta. It is only accessible by tour boat and non-motorized craft, i.e. canoe or kayak. It would only take about 8 hours to canoe to the island from the Maligne Lake boathouse. We chose to take the tour boat.

Even though it was cold, wet and windy, it was still very beautiful and we loved every minute of it.


Canada2016-03090May 12, 2016And2more
Spirit Island

Canada2016-03042May 12, 2016And2more Canada2016-03047May 12, 2016And2more Canada2016-03085May 12, 2016And2more


8 thoughts on “Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

  1. Truly beautiful images!!!

  2. These photos have captured the cold! Very beautiful – and they bring back great memories of when we visited.

  3. Oh wow this is s stunning place! You have captured it beautifully!

  4. That’s a boat trip that I would dearly like to take. The scenery is magnificent.

  5. Very atmospheric, Maralee.

  6. These are well composed photographs in a very beautiful spot.

  7. Gorgeous place–gorgeous photos!

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