As I mentioned, we went to Hawaii for my stepson and his beautiful bride’s wedding. The wedding itself was held at one of the most beautiful locations I’ve been – a sandbar in the middle of Kaneohe Bay. It was scheduled for low tide so that more of the sandbar would be above water. The wedding party and guests were transported to the sandbar via pontoon boats. We still had to walk through calf-deep water to get to the sandbar. The whole ceremony was pretty magical. These are a few of the shots I took.


Hawaii-02320April 10, 2016 Hawaii-02321April 10, 2016 Hawaii-02324April 10, 2016 Hawaii-02330April 10, 2016 Hawaii-02348April 10, 2016 Hawaii-02364April 10, 2016 Hawaii-02367April 10, 2016


5 thoughts on “Wedding

  1. Happy couple and beautiful wedding. I think beach weddings are so romantic.

  2. so beautiful, I loved these romantic photographs, they are amazing. Thank you, Love, nia

  3. :-).. Agree with Teri. Beach weddings are very romantic. Lovely images.

  4. Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding! They are lucky to have your photos.

  5. . . . tiny bubbles . . .

    Well, not so tiny, but nice photos and beautiful scene.

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