Miranda Friday

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Miranda and Miranda 07.10.15Maralee



8 Replies to “Miranda Friday”

    1. She is our office kitty. She stays at the office on the weekends but there is almost always someone here at various times during the weekend. If for some reason someone isn’t planning on being in the office, we make sure someone comes in to check on her and play with her for a bit. I’d love to take her home with me but I already have 4 cats.

      1. Good to hear.

        The most we ever had was three, and that was only because we ‘inherited’ one. Currently catless, we’re so far resisted the temptation to bring another pet in our lives.

    2. I never intended to have 4 cats at home (at one time it was 6). But we adopted a “spayed” cat from the shelter who had kittens a week later. By the time they were old enough to be adopted we’d gotten too attached. And the rest is history. We lost one to kidney cancer and one to a thyroid problem. I’m the old cat lady down the street.

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