It’s not just the hummingbirds who hang out at my hummingbird feeders. This very large butterfly was enjoying one of them too.


Nature-3930June 26, 2015


8 Replies to “Butterfly”

      1. Sorry; I think we had this conversation before, but I could not remember for sure (I’m old).

        It is a good capture. We have lots of feeders out in the summer but have never seen a butterfly on any of them. Ini fact, I had bought a butterfly feeder . . . which to my knowledge never had any visitors.

        I also had Orioles feeders (basically larger hummingbird feeders) and they seldom used them.

        . . . the only birds that recognize feeders meant for them appear to be hummingbirds . . . well, seed feeders also have a high success rate, especially if you count squirrels.

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