Miranda Friday

We are in for a scorcher weekend so I’m thinking much of it will be spent indoors. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Miranda and Maralee

Miranda 06.27.15


5 Replies to “Miranda Friday”

  1. Oh dear, Maralee, and lovely Miranda, stay indoor… The scorcher days haven’t started in here yet, I was in the garden with sweater 🙂 This is not usual for june… By they way, Lovely Miranda, as if she knows today (Friday’s) are her day 🙂 So beautiful pose… Thank you, have a nice and enjoyable weekend, by the way I would like to see you during my Birthday party (virtual) on sunday 🙂 You are both invited too. Love, nia

  2. Or… head up into those lovely mountains that surround you? Though those hills looked pretty dry when we were in your area. I waved as we drove through Bend! 😉

      1. Glad we went when we did in that case. I can certainly understand the worry about fire danger. Things looked pretty dry up there. The many areas with previous wildfires weren’t reassuring.

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