Every spring, we have mama deer who bring their babies to our back yard for us to babysit for the day.  This year we have a mama who had 3 babies and they are the cutest darn things.  They are teeny-tiny though and I don’t want to go out to our back yard to disturb them while they are so young.  So, I took this photo of one of the babies through a window. It was dusk and mom had just come back to pick up the kids so the lighting was terrible and being that it was taken through a window, the quality is not great.

The downside to having to babysit baby deer is that now I have to plan my lawn-mowing days around the days that the deer are here.


Nature-00814June 16, 2015


3 thoughts on “Bambi

  1. Let the grass grow… just for the photo op

  2. How very, very cute! Given the conditions, the shot is exceptional.

  3. Adorable! That is the reason that I would never eat venison.

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