The Deschutes River is a popular recreation area during the summer. On those hot days you will find paddle-boarders, kayakers, and inner-tubers floating on the river. However, there is one dangerous spillway where every year someone is injured or killed. There is plenty of advance warning but for some reason there are some people who don’t pay attention or just ignore the warnings.This is about to change though.  This city is removing the spillway and developing a water park. Hopefully this will make it a much safer area.


Nature-2812June 03, 2015Nature-2667May 27, 2015Nature-2814June 03, 2015



4 Replies to “Danger”

  1. I can’t in good conscience “like” this . . . I’m never happy when we make the world safe for idiots.

    Soon, we’ll be awash with more idiots as they tend to procreate (they don’t know nuthin’ about that contraception stuff).

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