Little Birds

A few of the little birds I enjoy along my daily walks.


Birds-7891January 20, 2015 Swans and Heron-8209January 27, 2015Wildlife-9773March 15, 2015


6 thoughts on “Little Birds

  1. That second bird is really interesting Maralle. To have these cheery birds accompany you on your walk is wonderful.

    1. That is a scrub jay. They’re really pretty and really noisy. 🙂

      1. But I think this one is different than the Florida Scrub Jay. Cool bird!

  2. I saw in your About page that you are open to suggestions. I want to start by saying that these are three very nice photographs of your little bird friends. All are well done although I’d suggest cropping some of the blue out of the first one and making the image almost a square. It would really accent the strong diagonals formed by the branches. The third one might benefit from a little cropping on the right too. The branches kind of get a bit random on the right and I’d like to see you minimize the effect of the out of focus one at the top. The second one is perfect. That little bird could not have posed better for you. These are nice photographs and I enjoyed looking at them.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments. I am always trying to improve my photography and am happy for any suggestions and comments. I appreciate it.

      1. My pleasure Maralee. I often post photography tips on my blog so feel free to follow me and use whatever you find useful. Keep up the nice work.

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