My Hometown

I’m so proud of my home town, Grand Marais, Minnesota.  It was voted by Budget Travel Magazine as the coolest small town in the country.  While I haven’t visited all of the other small towns that were in contention, I do believe Grand Marais is the best.  Congratul20140727-Minnesota-0048220140726-Minnesota-00424ations!!!

Here are a few photos from my hometown that I have taken over the last few years when I have been back visiting.


20140725-Minnesota-00146_7_8GM HarborGM Sunrise


9 Replies to “My Hometown”

      1. So it was a town where everyone truly new everyone :-). That must have been nice having small classroom sizes growing up. Judging by the images, it does look like a great place to grow up and pretty safe too. I know you shouldn’t judge by a pic but it just has a homey feel to it.

  1. We are tossing around some tentative plans to circle Lake Superior which means we’re likely to visit your home town. Your lovely images make that a must on the trip we’re planning.

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