Getting ready to take off

I enjoyed watching this duck literally run on water getting ready to take off.  He flew about 20 feet and then landed again.


Swans and Heron-8223January 27, 2015 Swans and Heron-8224January 27, 2015 Swans and Heron-8225January 27, 2015


7 thoughts on “Getting ready to take off

  1. Are you using a tripod here?

    1. No. My tripod is a little heavy for me to carry when I go for my lunchtime walks. And its much harder to be spontaneous with a tripod. I am going to go down there one day with my tripod and just park my self somewhere and see what comes along. I may be waiting for a long time though. 🙂

      1. Amazing how still you must hold your camera!

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