Red Sky at Night . . .

Yesterday was one of those record-breaking warm days.  It was 67 degrees here in the middle of January.  I even saw an ant crawling on my front porch.

I didn’t have great expectations for the sunset last night but when I looked out and saw the beautiful pinks and reds, I grabbed my camera and ran across the street to capture it.  Within minutes it was gone.

We’re supposed to have record-breaking highs again today.


Old Mill-8170January 24, 2015And2more Old Mill-8173January 24, 2015And2more Old Mill-8180January 24, 2015 Old Mill-8182January 24, 2015


23 thoughts on “Red Sky at Night . . .

  1. Photographer’s delight! Beautiful captures, Maralee. Enjoy the warmth.

    1. Thank you Jane. Everyone is getting so accustomed to the mild weather that we’re all going to be disappointed when winter returns.

  2. This is beautiful… looks like you and Suzanne live near each other… her sunset was similar…

    1. I think we’re on other sides of the country but still both have beautiful winter sunsets.

  3. We’ve been having the nice sunsets here as well . . . Nice captures.

    1. Thank you. It’s been so mild here that I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and winter to return with a vengeance. But its not in the foreseeable future..

  4. What a sky especially that first one

    1. Its amazing how what you think might be an uninspired sunset turns magical in moments. Mother Nature is incredible.

  5. I finally made it a point to catch the sunset last night, too. What a show Momma Nature has been putting on. Lovely captures, Maralee.

  6. Gorgeous colors and photography.

  7. Great pictures, Maralee. Nothing remarkable about 67F for us in mid winter Sydney!

    1. It’s been incredibly mild here. I’m not going to be happy when winter returns. I’m enjoying this mild weather too much.

  8. Beautiful. Been getting some awesome sunsets here last few nights – great clouds around helping bring out the colour. Sounds terrible but if Australia have bush fires we get the most amazing sunsets – not fair but beautiful.

    1. Thank you. During the summer months here we have some incredible sunsets due to forest fires in the area. We’ve had a very dry winter this year so I’m afraid we’re in for a bad fire season this summer.

      1. That isn’t so good – nice to have a dry winter but no so good for fires. Very dry in NZ this summer – parts have been declared official drought zones already and we have had many fires which is actually unusual but not surprising given the dry conditions. Still enjoying the sunshine though.

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