Red Sky at Night . . .

Yesterday was one of those record-breaking warm days.  It was 67 degrees here in the middle of January.  I even saw an ant crawling on my front porch.

I didn’t have great expectations for the sunset last night but when I looked out and saw the beautiful pinks and reds, I grabbed my camera and ran across the street to capture it.  Within minutes it was gone.

We’re supposed to have record-breaking highs again today.


Old Mill-8170January 24, 2015And2more Old Mill-8173January 24, 2015And2more Old Mill-8180January 24, 2015 Old Mill-8182January 24, 2015


23 Replies to “Red Sky at Night . . .”

  1. Beautiful. Been getting some awesome sunsets here last few nights – great clouds around helping bring out the colour. Sounds terrible but if Australia have bush fires we get the most amazing sunsets – not fair but beautiful.

      1. That isn’t so good – nice to have a dry winter but no so good for fires. Very dry in NZ this summer – parts have been declared official drought zones already and we have had many fires which is actually unusual but not surprising given the dry conditions. Still enjoying the sunshine though.

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