Uncommon January Day

Yesterday was one of those rare, spring-like January days.  While most of the country was in the deep-freeze we had an unusually warm day.  It was in the mid-50’s, the sun was shining and it felt like spring.  I couldn’t bring myself to go walking at the treadmill at the gym when the river is just a short distance from my office.  So on my lunch break I took a walk. It was wonderful.

It was very bright and hard to capture some of the birds in the harsh lighting.  An eagle did a couple fly-bys but most of my photos were too blurry to post.


Wildlife-7529January 07, 2015 Wildlife-7533January 07, 2015 Wildlife-7546January 07, 2015 Wildlife-7553January 07, 2015 Wildlife-7556January 07, 2015


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