Photo Redux

I took a photo of this fisherman while waiting for the sunrise in Honolulu.  I used Snapseed to convert it to monotone.  Which do you prefer?


Color FishermanBW Fisherman



5 Replies to “Photo Redux”

  1. It’s a personal preference, so you are going to get varying answers, but in this case, I prefer the color.

    It’s difficult to say without playing with the actual photo myself, but I might have increased the brightness and added either some ‘drama’ one of the settings, or more contrast. Another option would be to give it a bit of the HDR filter before converting to monochrome.

    Again, not a summary judgment on the photo. Different people like different treatments, but for me, the monochrome in this case ‘removes’ without ‘adding’ anything back.

  2. I kinda of like the extra texture of of the pier in the monochrome, but am sad we lost the fisherman’s face. I see you straightened the horizon in the B&W version. As Emilio said, maybe an adjustment to the exposure, or bumping the shadows would have helped. I love Snapseed, by the way.

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