100 Portraits of Strangers #2 – Shelly

I met Shelly on the beach in Waikiki as we were waiting for the sunrise.  She was from Australia and was ending an eight week vacation traveling across the United States with some friends.  They had started in New York and worked their way across the southern tier of the U.S. and ended up in Los Angeles.  While her friends went back home to Australia, Shelly stayed a little longer and spent a few days in San Francisco and was ending her trip in Honolulu.

When I had gone to the beach to watch the sunrise, the idea of taking a photo of a stranger never crossed my mind.  But the opportunity presented itself so I asked Shelly if I could take her photograph.  I wanted to get Diamond Head in the background but because that was where the sun was, it put Shelly into a silhouette.  I hadn’t brought my off camera flash so I had to used the on camera flash which is probably about the worst light to work with.  But I was able to light her and get the background at the same time.


Hawaii 2014.Maralee-5796November 14, 2014


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