Miranda Friday

Happy Friday and Happy New Year.

Miranda and Maralee

Miranda 01.02.15


7 thoughts on “Miranda Friday

  1. Lovely stunning picture and wonderful words too. Happy New Yearrr!

  2. Maralee, I can’t recall the story about how Miranda became a resident at the law office. She is such a beautiful cat. I don’t know why she would have been out in the world on her own. Happy New Year to you, Clinton, Miranda and your feline friends at home.

    1. Judy, she showed up at our office in October of last year. We thought she belonged to someone in the apartment building next door. But she kept showing up at our door day after day so we started feeding her. It started getting cold out and we decided to try look for a home for her. A friend of mine was willing to take her but by that time we’d all grown so attached to her that we couldn’t give her up and decided to keep her as our office kitty. We had her checked out by a vet and she was in good health. She had a chip and they tried contacting the numbers on the chip but all the numbers were disconnected. So we got to keep her. And she is the sweetest, smartest kitty I’ve ever been around.

  3. kisses to her 🙂 Blessing and Happiness! Love, nia

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