2015 – New Challenges. Portraits of Strangers #1

Today begins my 4th year of this blog.  This year I want to challenge myself and add a new dimension to my photography.  Portraits have always been challenging for me and I want to learn and understand that craft.  It will be challenging because I will have to learn the lighting process online – we don’t have any lighting classes here (although there is one 3 hour class in two weeks that I am going to take).  I have been inspired by other blogger’s portraits and hope to learn more from them.

To this end, another challenge I’m taking on is “100 Portraits of Strangers.”  This will not be easy for me as I am basically a shy person and the thought of going put to complete strangers and asking to take their photos is a bit terrifying for me.  I actually started this challenge when I was in Hawaii in November.  People in Hawaii tend to be quite friendly so it wasn’t quite so intimidating.  This is my first “portrait.”  This gentleman, whose name is Alfie, was sitting outside his shop at a marketplace on Maui.  We ended up talking to him for several minutes.  He’s originally from Scotland and has a wonderful Scottish accent.  He emigrated from Scotland about 15 years ago and ended up on Maui.

I will still be posting my landscape, nature and flower photos but this year you will see more portraits.

Here’s to new adventures in 2015.


Hawaii 2014.Maralee-6670November 20, 2014 Hawaii 2014.Maralee-6676November 20, 2014




19 Replies to “2015 – New Challenges. Portraits of Strangers #1”

  1. Happy New Year, Maralee! I really like the first photo. I am focused on his eyes. Your cousin Suey has taken many photos of strangers over the years that have always impressed me. She may be able to give you some suggestions if you need them. Looking forward to your new endeavor.

  2. I love the expression you captured and that you shared some of your experience with taking these images. You inspire me and yes we need to get together for coffee now that the holidays are over. I’ll email you.

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