A Handsome Fellow

When I got home from work on Tuesday, this gorgeous buck was walking around my front yard.  Isn’t he marvelous?


Buck-5203October 28, 2014 Buck-5211October 28, 2014


13 Replies to “A Handsome Fellow”

    1. Thanks. I thought he was spectacular. We normally have a number of does and fawns wandering around but I guess now that they’re in rut, the males are coming out. This was the third buck we’ve seen in our yard in the past week, (and yes, we live in town in a residential area). But this was the biggest, hunkiest buck we’ve had. I do worry about them being hit by cars.

      1. Well you are lucky. I see deer all the time where I live too but I only come across a buck once a year. I remember last year you had a fawn that was injured in your back yard. They are clearly running out of space these days!

      1. Maralee, they have chosen a lovely spot to visit … I’m sure.
        Such beautiful animals, only wild animals I see now and then is rabbits and hares.

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