First Snow

We made a trip over the mountain this weekend to do a photo shoot of some friends.  The weather forecast was for snow on the mountain pass coming home yesterday and this time the weather forecasters were right.  Winter is definitely on its way.


Winter 1

The sky really wasn't green.  I took this with my iPhone through the front windshield so that may have something to do with it.
The sky really wasn’t green. I took this with my iPhone through the front windshield so that may have something to do with it.

25 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Wow.. Beautiful beautiful images Maralee. But yikes, what happened to fall? Lol

    1. I know. At least down at the bottom of the mountain we still have some colorful leaves on the trees. We had some very strong winds on Saturday and we lost a lot of leaves, but there are still a few spots of color. I’m really not ready for winter yet.

      1. Yeah me neither. This morning we woke up to 38 degrees. Coldest temperature we have had since last April. Tomorrow it will be 77 here so fall is still putting up a fight lol.

  2. I like the green…. gives it a mysterious, erie look.

    1. Thank you. I don’t normally like driving in snow in the mountains, but the roads were clear so I was able to enjoy the beauty of the fresh new snow.

    1. I agree. I’m not ready for winter. But this was on the mountain which always gets snow quite a bit earlier that we do down here at the lower elevation. I’m hoping the snow will hold off for a long time.

  3. Nice shot….but please keep the snows your side of the Bog Pond till we have had our autumn!

    1. Thanks, David. We haven’t had snow in town yet – this was on the mountain. I’m hoping it will hold off for a long while too.

  4. Oh my. Is this typical?

    1. Hi, Christine. This is typical for the mountains. They usually get a good snowfall in September or October. I’m hoping it doesn’t snow in town for a while though. I’m not ready for it.

  5. Katherine Backlund October 27, 2014 — 10:06 am

    Lucky you! We haven’t had any snowflakes yet. Soon, I’m sure. Have a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Hi Kaye. We haven’t had snow in town yet. I hope we don’t for a while.

  6. Wow. Winter is in a hurry to get here.

  7. Beautiful but send the snow way far up north away from us!

    1. This isn’t really unusual in the mountains. They often get snow up there in September and October. As long as it stays in the mountains for a while longer, I’m fine with it.

  8. The hummingbirds are still at my feeder. I hope they stay all winter. Beautiful photos!

    1. I’m so glad you still have hummingbirds. I would imagine you would have them all year round down there. I saw the last of our hummingbirds in early October. Now I have to wait til next summer.

  9. Not an entirely welcome thought.

  10. I want to walk into the top one.

    1. That would be very peaceful. The first snows are always so beautiful.

  11. Love snow …. we didn’t get much last winter, now with my new winter boots, bring it on … but not until later in the months. Isn’t early with snow in October for you too???

    1. This snow was up on the mountain pass where we usually get snow in September and October. It doesn’t last very long but it is just a precursor to what is to come.

      1. I totally agree with you, the first snow is something very special. They say that we will get a strong winter this year, but it seems like the winters over here is getting weaker and weaker. Think about the Ice Hotel … they have to start building it now and I don’t think they have any snow.

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