The Smoke Returns

We’ve been fortunate that for several weeks all of the wildfires in the area were under control. That ended last night when a wild-fire about 70 miles away “blew up.”  A massive cloud of smoke blew in our direction and by 9:00 last night we were enveloped in smoke.  This morning the smoke wasn’t quite as thick and I was able to capture a very colorful sunrise with my iPhone.  The sun was actually a red ball, but its hard to capture that with an iPhone.

Sunrise 1Maralee


4 thoughts on “The Smoke Returns

  1. We’ve been lucky this year. A wet spring that transitioned into a relatively wet summer. And no hig-temperature-low-humidity days.

    . . . and no, I don’t miss the smell of smoke.

    1. We had a very bad early start to the fire season and then it let up in late July/early August. But this time of year can be tricky. We has some very hot days the last few days which didn’t help much.

      1. Here’s hoping for more rain and les fires.

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