Henry and Rhett

While visiting my family recently, I was able to meet the newest members of our family, my great-nephew, Rhett and my great-niece, Lola. 

20140728-Minnesota-00686 20140728-Minnesota-00663 20140728-Minnesota-00655 20140728-Minnesota-00653 20140728-Minnesota-00650 20140728-Minnesota-00624 20140728-Minnesota-00623 20140728-Minnesota-00622

These are a few photos of Rhett (age 9 days here) and his older brother, Henry, age 22 months.  Aren’t they adorable?????


20140728-Minnesota-00621 20140728-Minnesota-00620 20140728-Minnesota-00645 20140728-Minnesota-00640 20140728-Minnesota-00625 20140728-Minnesota-00647



6 Replies to “Henry and Rhett”

  1. Such beautiful children! I have enjoyed watching precious little Henry grow up for 22 months on Facebook. What a blessing for your family, Auntie Maralee.

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