Balloons Over Bend

Every summer I look forward to the Balloons Over Bend event.  There’s something magical about watching the balloons floating high in the sky.  This is a very short video of the event from Saturday morning.



6 thoughts on “Balloons Over Bend

  1. I wish it had gone on forever. They are such fun to watch. Was that one supposed to land in the water?

    1. Yes, it was planned. They try to do touch-and-gos on the river and this was the only balloon that actually made it.

  2. That looked a little too exciting for me.

    1. As much as I don’t like heights, I think it would be fun to go up in a balloon.

  3. I would be afraid that the water would add to much weight to ascend. What happens to the ones who don’t make it?

    1. I have never seen one that didn’t make it back up in the air but I supposed it could happen.

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