Arachnid #3

I’m getting a little more comfortable with photographing spiders. 20140711-Spider-00019 I spotted this one on a flower in my garden.  I don’t think I’ve seen a white spider before.

Maralee20140711-Spider-00017 20140711-Spider-00019


3 thoughts on “Arachnid #3

  1. Uh . . . careful! That’s the ‘Jumpus onto faceus’ spider. It loves to jump on people’s faces and hide in their nostrils.

    . . . yes, I’m kidding . . . they actually hide in the ears.

    I’ve yet to see many spiders out here, and I’m looking. I saw exactly one, and it was very small and difficult to photograph. I wish you continued good luck, and hope you come across many, many spiders.

  2. Looks like a master of camouflage. I wonder if it turns green on the stem?

  3. I drowned one int he bathtub and didn’t even think of photographing him. 🙂 Argh. Do not like spiders.

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