A few fireworks from last night.

20140704-Fireworks-00009 20140704-Fireworks-00011 20140704-Fireworks-00014 20140704-Fireworks-00023 20140704-Fireworks-00025 20140704-Fireworks-00034 20140704-Fireworks-00042 20140704-Fireworks-00087 20140704-Fireworks-00092Maralee


12 Replies to “Fireworks”

  1. Nice. I’ve only shot them a few times as it’s rare we go (there are usually other people there).

    I did shoot them at Disney, and they are fun to capture. You did a good job of it.

      1. Convenient . . . although I don’t know what I would be doing the most of . . . shooting photos, or loudly yelling to “Knock that s–t off!”

  2. Great shooting! Both the fireworks crew and YOURS! I have yet to try this. It looks like fun. How convenient to get it from your back deck! 🙂

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