I’ve been having a hard time photographing butterflies.  20140628-Insects-00014-2They seem to flit about too quickly for me.  This one was sitting still for a very long time – I think it was camouflaging itself.  I never did get it with its wings open.



5 Replies to “Butterfly”

  1. We have a lot of flowers, and I grab the camera whenever I see a butterfly outside . . . and you are right. It’s like if they are on crack or something.

    I’m pretty fast bringing a camera to bear on a subject (birds, for example), but butterflies don’t even give me a chance.

  2. Nice image, Maralee. I think it’s a green veined butterfly. Some insects are timid and some are curious creatures, Pick the curious insects to photograph. You can spend all day chasing the timid ones without getting a decent image. (Mike’s tip of the day) 🙂

  3. I love this photo… Depth of field giving it a reality to the photo… I can never capture the damn things, by the time I spot them they fly off,….

  4. It’s so hard to photograph butterflies. I don’t understand how everyone’s doing it. This is a great and beautiful capture. 🙂

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