I am arachnophobic.   20140628-Insects-00037I have an extreme dislike for spiders.  So when I saw this one on one of my plants, I forced myself to get as close as possible to photograph it.  20140628-Insects-00042It looked like one of those spiders that might jump on you at any moment and I’m so glad he didn’t.  I’d probably have fallen backward, hit my head on a rock, and ended up in the hospital.

20140628-Insects-00032The photos are a bit fuzzy because: 1 – the wind was blowing; and 2 – my hand were shaking.



13 Replies to “Arachnid”

  1. The photos are just brilliant… but it does look like the spider could jump … I took photos of a jumping spider once, also close ups..the spider disappeared…. when checking the results I had big blurs checking the front of the camera the spider was sitting on the lens wondering what goes on inside there…

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