The Peony and the Ant

20140606-Flowers00044The Peony and the Ant…sounds like a children’s story.



10 Replies to “The Peony and the Ant”

  1. Fantastic shot! I read somewhere (was it here?) that the ant helps to open up that tightly wrapped peony bud. Could that possibly be true. Wish I had paid more attention when I encountered the remark.

    1. It’s about 25% contained. Fortunately no structures have been lost at this time but there are still a few mandatory evacuations. They have determined that the fires where human cause. While they haven’t flat out said arson, it is very suspect that two fires start at the same time about a mile apart. So sad. The wind has changed directions so we don’t have any smoke in town right now.

      1. Lol yeah I was discussing this photo with Marcus last night. That photographer is going to be booked for the next three years. Quick thinking 🙂

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