Happy Birthday, Mom

Mom and family 1Today is my mom’s birthday.  She would have turned 90 today.  Mom and Family 2It’s been three months since she passed away and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and miss her.

Love you, mom.



7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom

  1. It makes me more aware on how lucky I am to have celebrated my Mom’s 90th in March and to still have her with me… bossing me around as though I’m a little kid… I love it… what lovely photos for memories of Mom… wonderful.,…

  2. Thinking of you, Maralee. My mom’s birthday was on the 15th. She would have been 80 this year. I’ve actually had a harder time with the May double-whammy (Mother’s Day and birthday) this year than I did last year. I think that may be because I was still walking around bruised and beaten from the loss at this time last year. This year I’ve been feeling better and getting more used to Mom being gone, and what has traditionally been a big Mom-month for me, hit me like a ton of bricks. I planted rose bushes on my parent’s graves last week instead of in their flower boxes as I had done for years. I cried the hour drive up to the cemetery and back again, but felt a real sense of peace and calm while I was there digging and planting.

    Allow yourself the time you need to feel and grieve. Time heals.

  3. Judy Backlund May 21, 2014 — 4:19 pm

    I assumed that Auntie Ruthie would see her 90th birthday milestone on earth, as she was fortunate to have had a pretty healthy life. She got so close. I am reliving the past year, since losing my Mom in June, along with you and your sisters since your Mom’s passing. I know that my hardest time was around the 3-4 month mark when the shock had worn off. I know that grieving takes whatever time is necessary. I just know that at this time, I feel so much better, and have put my loss in a better place in my mind. Our loved ones will always be carried with us. Their absence is more bearable with time. Your Mom was very special to so many. I miss her a lot, too. I’m thinking of your Mom, you, your sisters and nieces on this memorable day. Happy Birthday to Auntie Ruthie!
    Love, Judy

    1. Thanks so much, Judy. She was very special and we will always miss her. I know it does get easier with time and the memories will be with us forever. I know she would have loved to be here to meet her two new great-grandbabies in July. Little Henry gave her so much joy.

  4. Thinking of you Maralee

  5. You never do forget. My mom passed away on her 96th birthday, which just happened to be Christmas eve… it tends to make for a rather strange Christmas for me. This year would have been her 100th.

  6. Birthdays are always hard. My dad’s birthday was on the 20th. Still a sad day four years after he died from cancer. Your mum looks like she was a wonderful woman. My thoughts to you.

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