Maralee_Park_140514_64109-EditWe had a gorgeous moon rise on Wednesday last week.

Maralee_Park_140514_64101_100_099-Edit Maralee_Park_140514_64097-Edit-EditMaralee


10 Replies to “Moonrise”

    1. I didn’t do much is post processing. I did add a little clarity in Lightroom. There was just enough light so that everything around the moon didn’t look black. That happens a lot when I use spot metering on the moon and it’s too dark. And the moon was so huge that it gave off a lot of light of it’s own. This was shortly after moon rise. It was one of the biggest, orangeest (is that such a word?) moons I’ve sen in a long time.

      1. Thanks. I’ve had trouble photographing the moon before. I think the trick might be catching it before it gets too dark out. The Harvest Moon is usually kind of orange, I think, but that happens in September.

      2. This one might have been so orange because they were doing controlled fire burns in the area last week so there was probably some residual smoke in the lower atmosphere. I’ve found that I have to do the moon rise shots shortly after moon rise to get any detail in the photo. Sometimes I have to crank up the ISO because when the moon first starts to rise it is moving much faster than we realize. I’ve had many a blurry moon shots because my shutter wasn’t fast enough.

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