Day 276 – A Taste of Autumn

We live in an area with a lot of little micro climates.  The leaves can be changing color in one area and a few blocks away they haven’t started changing at all.  Since the leaves on the maple tree at our office are almost through changing colors so I thought I’d go to the park and see how the colors were there.  Nothing has changed at all.  So I wandered around taking photos of the other things.

The ducks and geese were  mooning everyone who passed by.  There must have been something they liked at the bottom of the pond.

The berries on the mountain ash trees are getting red.  Growing up in northern Minnesota, we were always told you could tell how harsh the winter was going to be by the number of red berries on the mountain ash trees.  The more berries, the harsher the winter.  If these berries are any indiction, we’re going to have a mild winter.  There were some berries, but nothing like we used to get in Minnesota.

Most of the flowers have gone to see, but there were a few that were still blooming.

I will check back at the park in a couple of weeks to see what changes there are.  We are expecting a big cold front to come in over the next week so the foliage may be changing quickly.



22 thoughts on “Day 276 – A Taste of Autumn

  1. Mooning geese . . . I suppose that’s autumn too.

    We don’t get many reds here. But two of my trees did turn coppery this year. Don’t know if the pictures will turn out as impressive as the leaves looked in person, but we’ll see.

    Meanwhile, I do like the first shot an awful lot.

  2. Thanks, Emilio. We don’t get many reds either – we have mostly aspen trees here. A few people have planted maples so we do get a little red.
    Now I have a technical question for you. Are you using Lightroom 4.1? I just updated to 4.1 and now I can’t get my SmugMug icon. There’s a bar there that says download SmugMug and when I click I get the adobe website SmugMug Publish Plugin. When I download, it brings me back to Lightroom import page. Just wondering if you had any problems. You seem to know this technical stuff better than anyone. Thanks.

    1. I don’t use the plugin to upload to SmugMug because I add my signature through another plugin. The process I use involves outputting JPGs to my hard disk (this then becomes a backup for what is in SmugMug), and then uploading/importing to SmugMug. That said, there was a thread in the SmugMug forum or FAQ about the plugin update for LR 4.1. I just don’t remember what it said.

      Sorry. I’m pretty sure the SmugMug heroes can answer that (and they are fairly quick in responding).

      1. Thanks, Emilio. I will contact them and get it figured out.

      2. If not, let me know. I can always load it and play around with it. Also:
        There is a note there about the switch from 3 to 4.

        And there is this (from January). Don’t know if it’s still valid or not.

  3. Stunning photos!!

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Minnesota autumn.

  4. I love the mooning geese… what a great capture…. a mild winter after a hot summer will not bid well for next season…. so I hope the berries are wrong….

    1. I’m hoping the berries are wrong too. Last year there were lots of berries and we didn’t have a bad winter. The whole climate is screwed up so maybe the berries are too.

  5. Beautiful photographs! I absolutely love the colours in that first picture, they are so vivid!!! And the mooning geese are super too! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Zelmare. It was one of those gorgeous autumn days yesterday. Not too hot, not too cold . . . just right.

  6. Maralee, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award @ You can choose to accept or not…just accept my thanks for your terrific blog and your inspiring posts. Thank you. Dave

    1. Thank you David. I appreciate it very much.

  7. Beautiful! You used to live in MN? Where? I live in Minneapolis! Our leaves are fantastic now and just at the peak.

    1. I grew up in Grand Marais. We used to have the most fantastic autumn colors. My mom and three sisters still live there. I’m the one who flew the coop. I love going back there though.

      1. Wow, maybe you told me this and I forgot. I LOVE Grand Marais. It is so beautiful and I love all the hikes. I bet it is fantastic now with the colors. Ours are incredible here. 🙂

  8. The colors are completely changing where I’m from. Fall is my favorite time to take photos. You captured yours well 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. This is my favorite time of year.

  9. Beautiful pictures as usual!

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