Day 245 – Sunset

Day 245_00001

Day 245_00001

Day 245_00003

Day 245_00003

I’ve mentioned previously that we have had a number of days with a smokey haze on the horizon.  It makes for some spectacular sunsets.

Day 245_00002

Day 245_00002

I took these a couple of miles east of Bend where there are some open fields with a nearly panoramic view of the mountains.  Some nights the beauty of it takes my breath away.

Day 245_00004

Day 245_00004



38 thoughts on “Day 245 – Sunset

  1. Incredibly beautiful…the gift of heaven above…wow!!! I would have loved to have been there to see the beauty and shoot my camera like crazy:) Thank you much for sharing the take my breath away beauty of Central Oregon:)

  2. Wonderful, I’m like an old vinyl – scratched one .. repeating myself all the time.
    My pick today is the top one – because of the colors and also the last one. Like the little touch of lilac. Stunning photos.

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