Day 203 – Balloons Over Bend – Morning Launch

IMaralee_Park_Day 203_00006
Maralee_Park_Day 203_00006

I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to go to the morning launch of  the Balloons Over Bend.  

Maralee_Park_Day 203_00006
Maralee_Park_Day 203_00006

I’ve been doing this almost every year, but this year the weather was the best it’s ever been.

Maralee_Park_Day 203_00012
Maralee_Park_Day 203_00012

Cool but not cold, nary a breath of wind on the ground, and the most beautiful clear blues skies.

Maralee_Park_Day 203_00009
Maralee_Park_Day 203_00009

I timed it perfectly.  When I got there they were just starting to inflate the balloons and I was able to watch all of them lift off.

Maralee_Park_Day 203_00004
Maralee_Park_Day 203_00004

Going up in a balloon is on my bucket list.  .  . Someday.

Maralee_Park_Day 203_00007
Maralee_Park_Day 203_00007



17 thoughts on “Day 203 – Balloons Over Bend – Morning Launch

  1. Similar event here every Labor Day. Went in 2005 and mean to go this year. Nice captures, and great colors.

    As for going up on them . . . I like the pun with the bucket list. However, as much as I have heard it’s amazing and fantastic, I try as often as possible to not challenge, and possibly piss off, that canine of the female persuasion known as “gravity”.

    I would have to really know the pilot (balloonist sounds like one one those clowns who makes balloon animals) and have confidence in his conscientiousness before I venture up.

    1. And what makes you think gravity is female :-). I have a fear of heights (along with spiders) and my stomach literally goes into my throat when I have to look down from a height. So I don’t know that I’ll ever go up in a balloon, but it still looks like it would be a great way to see a place.

      I went up in a glider one year and was scared to death at first. The thought of being up in a plane with no engine that was just gliding on the thermal lifts sounded pretty scary. But it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever done. So maybe a balloon wouldn’t be so bad.

      1. Actually, it was a nod to The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon says “Gravity; thou are a heartless b___!”

    2. Love that show. I think I missed that episode. Thanks for the clarification. 🙂 And coming from Sheldon, he must be right.

      1. I think it was the second or third show in the series (season 1), where Penny has some furniture delivered, and Leonard and Sheldon try to move it up the flight of stairs, and later Sheldon cleans Penny’s apartment while she is sleeping. That episode ranks as one of my favorites.

    3. I just started watching it last year. I’m taping all the episodes so eventually the old ones will come up. Either that or I could rent each of the seasons and watch them all.

      1. I would suggest watching it from the beginning.

        One of the bad things with most shows is the characters get “honed in” based on what audiences like and want. The first three seasons of the show are much, much better than what is offered up now. Yes, it’s still good, but the characters are much narrower than what they used to be.

        Also, the narrative has changed. The humor used to be in the telling of individual stories, whereas now I feel it’s more about delivering the punchlines. Unless it improves, this next will probably be the last season I watch it.

        That said, I’ve rewatched the first three seasons a number of times . . . whenever I need a good laugh.

  2. The last photo, especially, is perfection!

  3. What colour and composition, I love them all.. can’t select a favorite out of this set. but the last is a great capture..

  4. I am so glad you got up to take these. They are beautiful. Years ago I wanted to go up in one but couldn’t get anyone to go with me. Now with age comes more sense and I am too afraid to venture up in a balloon now.


    1. It was worth getting up before sunrise to watch this. I don’t think we’ve had a year for this event with the weather as perfect as it was this weekend.

  5. Incredible colors and shots:) Wow:)

    1. Thank you. We were blessed with a beautiful day which helped a lot.

  6. Yes… beautiful colors. They already look like posters.

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