Burrowing Owl

These photos of the burrowing owl were taken while I was attending an event at the High Desert Museum.

I prefer to take my photos of animals in the wild, but this little owl was just sooooo cute. They are only about 9″ tall and are one of the smallest owls.

None of the animals cared for at the High Desert Museum can be released to the wild. Most of them were rescued after being injured and many of the birds cannot fly due to their injuries. Other animals rely on the staff at the museum just to survive because they never learned how to hunt or avoid predators.

When people take young animals from their parents, these animals become “imprinted” on humans and can no longer survive in the wild.


february-27-2017nature4780-2 february-27-2017nature4781

Dancing on Water

These geese and duck seemed to be dancing on the water early this morning.


february-23-2017nature4217 february-23-2017nature4222 february-23-2017nature4247

Good Morning Sunshine

As I was driving to work this morning, there were some dark clouds over the mountains, but behind me the sun was breaking. I went down to the river, hoping that I’d get a beautiful glow on the mountains. That didn’t happen but I did get some beautiful sun rays coming through and highlighting some of the trees. I even saw my favorite heron fly in and land.



Miranda Friday

This seems to be one of Miranda’s favorite spots.

Have a great weekend.

Miranda and Maralee


Duck Weather

Yesterday we had a combination of snow, rain, sun and wind. Typical spring weather in Central Oregon. I went for a short walk when it wasn’t raining too hard and the ducks seemed to be enjoying this weather.  There must have been 100 ducks near the pond walking around . . . but there were only 5-6 actually in the pond. The coot was down by the river but it didn’t stick around long once I showed up with my camera.


february-19-2017nature4156 february-19-2017nature4173february-19-2017nature4153