Cedar Wax Wing

This beautiful cedar wax wing was visiting after the big snowstorm we had. I hadn’t seen one of these birds in my yard in the winter before. I usually see them in the spring and they’re usually in a group of 20-30 birds. This one was all by himself. I just love the markings and coloring of this bird. The tail looks like it’s been dipped in yellow paint.


Autumn-7780November 24, 2015 Autumn-7801November 24, 2015 Autumn-7827November 24, 2015Autumn-7777November 24, 2015Autumn-7835November 24, 2015

Miranda Friday

Hear me Roar!!! Actually, it’s just a yawn. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Miranda and Maralee


Black-Eyed Junko

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. With all of the snow we had this week, the black-eyed Junko’s have been feasting at our bird feeder. Have a happy and safe holiday.


Autumn-7635November 24, 2015 Autumn-7647November 24, 2015 Autumn-7683November 24, 2015 Autumn-7699November 24, 2015

Snow Day

We had more than a foot of snow fall in the last 24 hours. I couldn’t get out of my driveway this morning so I’m stuck until I can get us shoveled out. We have a very long driveway so I’m thinking by Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow we should be able to get out. This was taken with my iPhone at around 10 p.m. last night and the snow was still falling.



First Snow

We are having our first big snowfall of the season today. It sure is pretty but I’m not looking forward to my drive home tonight. I just took this of the back of our office with my iPhone.