Minnesota Chipmunk

I didn’t notice any difference between a Minnesota Chipmunk and an Oregon Chipmunk . . . they’re both pretty cute. This one was visiting a friend’s campsite. She has three chipmunks who visit her regularly who she has named Theodore, Simon and Alvin.  We didn’t know which one this was.


Minnesota2015-5339August 21, 2015

Precursor to Winter Storms

Compared to the winter storms on Lake Superior, the lake storm we had our last night in Grand Marais was small. But we could see how fierce Lake Superior can be when it starts to storm. I love watching the lake when it’s stormy. My sister and I sat down on the rocks mesmerized by the waves for well over an hour. I do miss the lake.


Minnesota2015-5571August 23, 2015 Minnesota2015-5587August 23, 2015 Minnesota2015-5755August 23, 2015 Minnesota2015-5780August 23, 2015

Pastel Dawn

My first morning in Grand Marais I got up early to watch the sunrise. It was so peaceful sitting by the lake, listening to the water lap on the shore, and watch the changing colors of the morning. This was just before the sun rose.


Minnesota2015-5148August 20, 2015

Grand Marais Sunset

The first night back in my hometown, I wasn’t sure if we were going to have much of a sunset. There was some pretty heavy cloud cover. But it started to break up and ended up being a gorgeous sunset.


Minnesota2015-4993August 20, 2015And2more Minnesota2015-5059August 20, 2015And2more Minnesota2015-5111August 20, 2015

Wooley Bully

Came across this little fellow while in Minnesota last week.


Minnesota2015-4912August 20, 2015