The Red, Red, Robin

came Bob, Bob, Bobbing along.

This robin followed me around the park on a walk early one morning this week.


Nature-0879April 22, 2015 Nature-0895April 22, 2015 Nature-0910April 22, 2015

Miranda Friday

My, what big arms you  have.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Miranda and Maralee

Miranda 04.24.15


The starlings have been seen in abundance around here lately.


Orchids-0695April 16, 2015 Orchids-0697April 16, 2015 Orchids-0709April 16, 2015 Orchids-0713April 16, 2015


This little chipmunk stood and posed for me for quite a while before running off into the rocks.


Orchids-00234April 19, 2015 Orchids-00235April 19, 2015 Orchids-00241April 19, 2015

Spring Flowers

There aren’t many flowers along the river where I walk.  It’s mostly greenery.  This was a little unexpected splash of color along the way.


Orchids-0741April 20, 2015