Happy Fourth of July

I thought I would take this Fourth of July to post my eagle photo sequence taken last week. Have a happy and safe holiday.


Eagle-3895June 24, 2015





Eagle-3896June 24, 2015Eagle-3897June 24, 2015 Eagle-3898June 24, 2015 Eagle-3899June 24, 2015 Eagle-3900June 24, 2015 Eagle-3901June 24, 2015 Eagle-3902June 24, 2015 Eagle-3903June 24, 2015 Eagle-3907June 24, 2015

More Eagles

We went to the park Wednesday evening to photograph the moonrise. We thought it would be a good location . . . it wasn’t. But the eagle did show up for a brief fly by. By this time it was dusk and lighting was difficult for a fast-moving bird. But I captured a few shots as it was landing on the top of a tree. It didn’t stay long before flying off again.


Shevlin Park-01335July 01, 2015Shevlin Park-01336July 01, 2015Shevlin Park-01340July 01, 2015Shevlin Park-01342July 01, 2015

Miranda Friday

I may have mentioned it before that Miranda has an aversion to children – especially those between the ages of 2 and 18. She will keep a safe distance or, if someone gets too close to her, she runs and hides.  My co-worker has an 8-year old daughter  (Jaiden) who occasionally comes to the office. She was here one afternoon this week and Miranda sat about 15 feet away watching warily while Jaiden was drawing.  When I got to work yesterday I saw this drawing hanging up in Miranda’s “office.”  I thought it was too cute not to share.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Miranda and Maralee

Miranda 07.03.15


This is the first ladybug I’ve seen in my garden in about 3 years. I was very excited to see it. There was another on under a leave but I wasn’t able to get to it to photograph it.


Nature-3944June 28, 2015 Nature-3948June 28, 2015 Nature-3953June 28, 2015

Fishing Pond

The pond where I have been photographing the eagles is also a popular fishing pond. It’s a great place for parents and grandparents to take children to practicing their fishing skills.


Nature-3763June 19, 2015 Nature-3768June 19, 2015 Nature-3806June 19, 2015