Winter Birds

I took these photos of the birds during one of our snowstorms last week. They don’t seem to be bothered by all of the snow.


january-12-2017nature3070 january-12-2017nature3057 january-12-2017nature3056 january-12-2017nature3051

Winter Wonderland III

january-15-2017nature3171_70_69 january-15-2017nature3195_4_3I took a walk down at the river yesterday afternoon to enjoy the beautiful snow landscape before it starts to rain tomorrow. There were a lot of people out and about enjoying the snow.



january-15-2017nature3174_2_3 january-15-2017nature3217_8_9


I’m ready for spring. So when my co-worker received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I had to take some photographs as a reminder that spring and flowers will eventually arrive.


january-09-2017nature3014 january-09-2017nature3015 january-09-2017nature3023

Winter Wonderland II

I made a short detour down to the river after work yesterday to get a few photos before the snow fell off the trees. Our last big snowfall was on Wednesday morning but the snow has held fast to the trees because it has been cold and calm. It truly was a winter wonderland.


january-13-2017nature3097_8_9january-13-2017nature3120 january-13-2017nature3130_2_1

Miranda Friday

With all the snow we have outside, Miranda is enjoying being indoors with her toys.