My posts may be somewhat sporadic for a few weeks. We’re doing some work on our house and I am spending almost all of my time away from the office working on the house.

This photo is of a quail on the rail of part of our deck. This deck does not exist anymore. We ripped it out and are building smaller deck that is open to the yard. It is exhausting work.


Nature-4260July 10, 2015

Miranda Friday

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miranda and Maralee

Miranda 07.31.15

A leg to stand on

There must be some reason why geese stand on one leg, but I don’t know what it is.


Balloons-01438July 24, 2015 Balloons-01425July 24, 2015 Balloons-01424July 24, 2015 Balloons-01422July 24, 2015

Sunrise on the River

Sunrise on the Deschutes River this past weekend.


Balloons-01496July 25, 2015


This little fellow was trying to get at the bird feeder. He wasn’t successful. So he has to be content to vacuum up the bird seed that falls on the ground.


Nature-4525July 21, 2015 Nature-4527July 21, 2015