Miranda Friday . . . Hummingbird Watch

Miranda keeping an eye on the hummingbird.

Have a great weekend.

Miranda and Maralee


A Wintery Day

We had snow today. Lots and lots of snow. If I didn’t have to drive in it, I’d love it. But I do, so I tolerate it. The birds were busy at my feeder at the office today. And the little hummingbird is still there.🙂



Hummingbird 12.07.16

It was 6 degrees here last night – way below freezing. I was very afraid that the little hummingbird wouldn’t survive the night of cold. So you can imagine how happy I was to see it arrive at my feeder this morning. I had to change the nectar out a dozen times during the day to keep it from freezing. I’m hoping it will survive the entire winter.


december-06-2016nature1597 december-06-2016nature1598

Hummingbird 12.05.16

It’s December 5th, it’s 25 degrees outside, and this little hummingbird is still showing up at my feeder. I’ve had to thaw the nectar in the morning as it has frozen overnight. I worry about this little guy. I hope it has found a warm place to nest because it’s just going to get colder.


december-04-2016nature1451 december-04-2016nature1454


We came across these burned out trees in a field and I had to photograph them. It was just after sunset so there was just enough light to silhouette them against the sky. Taken with my iPhone.


snag-2 snag-3