Miranda Friday

It’s been a looooooooooooong, busy week.  Even Miranda is exhausted.  She likes to sleep upside down.


Miranda 03.06.15

My Hometown

I’m so proud of my home town, Grand Marais, Minnesota.  It was voted by Budget Travel Magazine as the coolest small town in the country.  While I haven’t visited all of the other small towns that were in contention, I do believe Grand Marais is the best.  Congratul20140727-Minnesota-0048220140726-Minnesota-00424ations!!!

Here are a few photos from my hometown that I have taken over the last few years when I have been back visiting.


20140725-Minnesota-00146_7_8GM HarborGM Sunrise

Winter Wonderland

Friday night we had our first snowfall since December.  It wasn’t a lot of snow but it sure was pretty on Saturday.  This was taken with my iPhone while on a walk.  It’s mostly gone now and with temperatures supposed to be in the 60’s by the end of the week, I don’t think what little is left will last.


winter wonderland


I haven’t seen the heron I’ve been stalking for a couple of weeks.  This is another photo of it fishing that I photographed last month.  I have a lot of photos of it fishing.  :-)


Swans and Heron-8373January 29, 2015

Little Birds

Swans and Heron-8209January 27, 2015While I didn’t see any of the bigger birds on my daily walks this week, there was an abundance of the little birds.  They don’t sit still for very long to pose for photographs so I take what I can get.


Birds-9361February 19, 2015 Birds-9365February 19, 2015 Birds-9384February 25, 2015 Birds-9389February 26, 2015