Cascades Lake Scenic Byway II

Another scene from Sparks Lake.  We were truly blessed with a gorgeous day.


Cascade Lakes-4611October 17, 2014And2more

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway 1

Yesterday we took our friend along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway.  Our first stop was at beautiful Sparks Lake.  We had an incredibly beautiful fall day.  The mountains had a light dusting of snow on them.


Cascade Lakes-4728October 18, 2014And2more


One of my husband’s childhood friends from Hawaii is visiting us for a few days and yesterday we took him on a tour of the town.  We took a little trip to the quaint little town of Sisters and on the way home the sky turned incredible.  On one side we had the most amazing clouds and sun and on the other side a fantastic rainbow.  This place literally takes my breath away some days.


Frank-4567October 17, 2014And5more-2Frank-4555October 17, 2014

Scrub Jays

Another critter that frequents the tree in front of my office at work.

MaraleeBirds-4534October 14, 2014 Birds-4533October 14, 2014

Miranda Friday

Have a wonderful weekend.