Coming in for a Landing

20140810-Birds-00157Our hummingbird population seems to have drastically diminished over the last two weeks. Continue reading

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This is another photo from the town in Minnesota where I grew up.  Grand Marais is one of the entry points into to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).  When I was growing up, this was where you started.  They have since changed the entry point and the last time I was home, the bear and the canoe were in great disrepair.  When I was home this summer, I was very happy to see that they have been restored.  This was always such a big part of town.  The house in the background is the house where I lived growing up.  While my family no longer lives in that house, many wonderful memories do.


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Miranda Friday

Contemplation.Miranda 08.29.14


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The Smoke Returns

We’ve been fortunate that for several weeks all of the wildfires in the area were under control. That ended last night when a wild-fire about 70 miles away “blew up.”  A massive cloud of smoke blew in our direction and by 9:00 last night we were enveloped in smoke.  This morning the smoke wasn’t quite as thick and I was able to capture a very colorful sunrise with my iPhone.  The sun was actually a red ball, but its hard to capture that with an iPhone.

Sunrise 1Maralee

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20140727-Minnesota-00589When I was visiting my sisters last month, one had a beautiful orchid blooming.   Continue reading

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